"Austerity Certificates" - the benchmark

Every system needs a fixed point. In the Komprenio Exchange the Austerity Certificates play that role. We start by introducing, because they are the cornerstone for all valuations on the exchange. Everything you evaluate on Komprenio, you can compare to the Austerity Certificates (AC).

You can always buy ACs and you can always sell them. The price of the ACs will always reflect a risk free return. That return may not seem like much, but it is much better than having your specios sit idle in your portfolio.

One of our "guides" in the Exchange is A.X. Bradstreet. AX just loaded up with ACs; investing all her specios. Since she is the first to make any commits and the first to hold any dividis, she will be the first to get any yield. That will put AX on top of the Komprenio rankings.