You cannot predict the future

The future is unknown to all of us. We have not created Komprenio to find people who actually know what will happen. We don't think they exist. We have not built this tool to entertain those who believe they know how things will turn out. Such people certainly exist, but we have no wish to encourage them. Instead, we are building Komprenio for people who like to think about what is happening right now and try to understand what that means for the future. Let us call it Understanding Our Now. Komprenio is for people who recognize the impossibility to predict and cherish the effort to understand.

When we try to explain what we do, we do use the term "prediction" for lack of a better term. But Komprenio uses a market exchange mechanism instead of predictions. Unlike discrete questions with binary responses, this mechanism can handle the moving parts of current affairs reality. We recognize that this "market exchange" that we have built can be daunting at first. Even worse, it is a work in progress, as any dynamic mechanism will be. To make the introduction of the Komprenio Exchange more manageable for our first generation of members, we will get it started in small steps, all announced on this blog.

It starts now.