Committing to a Clinton Win

The Komprenio Exchange allows trading in only two dividis right now. Our members can combine three different commitments to maximize their portfolio value.

  1. The easiest approach is to do nothing. The specios in your portfolio will generate zero yield. But you will also not risk them.

  2. Almost as easy, but more successful, is to invest in Austerity Certificates (AC). It is a risk free commitment, yet it provides a steady yield. This is what member A.X. Bradstreet has done. Her portfolio now generates new specios every day and she is at top of the rankings. No risk and a small return.

  3. A much riskier approach is to invest in the new Clinton dividi. The going price is around 100 specios per dividi right now. We know this because member B.X. Bernot just invested all of her specios in Clinton, at that price. Bernot gets very little yield from those dividis now. But if (and only if!) Clinton wins the presidency, Bernot's Clinton dividis will generate a very nice yield every day, as long as Clinton remains president. Even if the Clinton price does not increase, the yield itself will allow Bernot to beat Bradstreet.