The presidential end-game is on

The American election campaign has been going on for a very long time. Election update addiction is wearing down the seriously curious newsreader. At the Komprenio Exchange we take the election itself as our starting point. We will soon begin a new phase in American power. Komprenio is your thinking-about-the-world companion as you gingerly start finding your way around this brave new world.

We will have a small ramp-up ahead of the election. We cannot resist the temptation of wading into this wonderful political show. We will introduce a few key dividis, to exemplify how Komprenio turns powerful people into dividis. And how our members can assess these dividis, weigh them and commit to them. Or reject those whose prospects they find dim.

We start by introducing a lady who literally requires no introduction. As of now, the Komprenio exchange trades in the Hillary Rodham Clinton dividi.