The Great Disruptor. Enter The Donald.

We are gradually expanding the Komprenio exchange. The purpose is to explain how it works, with just a few moving parts. Soon it will get bigger and more complex. Perhaps it will even be "yuge".

So far we've only had the super-safe and boring Austerity Certificates and the super-establishment Clinton dividi to invest in. But now we introduce the Donald J. Trump dividi. This is arguably a more speculative investment option. If Trump does win the presidency, the dividi will earn a very nice yield for four years and perhaps then another four. If he does not win, the dividi is unlikely to never generate any more yield at all.

Komprenio member D.X. Carlton has decided that Trump has at least a 10% chance of winning. Carlton is thus willing to commit to the Trump dividi as long as she can buy it at 79 specios or less. She was able to find a seller and has now committed her entire portfolio to the Trump dividi. The yield is very modest now, only what is earned from being the Republican nominee. But by mid January next year, the yield will either be high or zero.