Meet Kamala Harris. Future star?

We are adding new dividis to the Komprenio Exchange in small steps. Today we add a little known senatorial candidate: Kamala Harris of California. She appears likely to win a six year term in the US Senate, running as a Democrat in California. Her dividi already trades on Komprenio with the probability of six years in DC priced in. But do you think she will go further? What do you think of her medium and long term prospects? A recent column in The Economist lauds her as an up-and-coming star in the Democratic party (referenced as a News Note in Komprenio).

Komprenio allows you to invest in ("commit to") new players in the political arena. If you get in early, and if you turn out to be right, your portfolio will shine. Harris for veep in 2020? Harris for President in 2024? Get in while it's cheap...

The point we wish to make? Komprenio allows you to speculate on topics that are not yet mainstream. Scenarios that are further out in the future. Be the first to see a pattern. Or the the first to shoot down a "story" you find weak.