Christie, Guiliani & Gingrich

We now expand the range of the Komprenio exchange. It is time to look at the important positions in the Trump Administration. There is a News Note listing the many contenders. We will introduce most of them in the next few days. Today we start with some famous names; let us call them the Gang of Three. Chris Christie, Rudy Guiliani and Newt Gingrich are all well positioned, at least according to pundits, to secure key roles working for President Trump.

But who gets what job? How do will they hold on to it? Who will play the game well and be positioned cleverly for even greater glory in 2020? Spot any inflated egos ready to burst? Read about it, think about it and commit to some of these new dividis. We introduce them at the standard price of 100 specios per dividi. Have a look: any obvious buying opportunities? Any shorting candidates?

Executive Power in America - what faces will we see?