So many names, so many jobs

A quick note to make a point on how Komprenio differs from betting and prediction sites. The growing list of contenders for the top jobs in the Trump Administration is a good example.

A Komprenio member need not pretend to know whether Steve Bannon or Reince Priebus will get the Chief of Staff job. Who could possibly know what Trump will decide? Instead, in the Komprenio exchange, the question to answer, as it concerns these two gentlemen and their corresponding dividis, is a broader one. Will they get a top position soon? Will they be able to hold on to it, or will they soon crash out? Will they go on to greater glory (Bannon for President in 2020?) or is it downhill from here?

These are more fluid and general issues. We believe that a keen follower of current affairs will spot some patterns and will be able to get it right more often than not. That is the challenge in Komprenio. Understanding the overall pattern better than others, over some time.

Right now Komprenio members are saying that both the Bannon and Priebus dividis are undervalued: they are both winners. Perhaps. But which one is your best long term "commitment"? It has been argued that they represent two very different futures for the Trump Administration. Your call.

Why "So many names"? We have now added Sarah Palin, Steven Mnuchin, Harold Hamm, John Bolton, Peter Thiel, Forest Lucas and more.