Bannon Lost. And won?

The high-stakes game of musical chairs ahead of the Trump Administration is a great illustration of Komprenio features.

We just learnt that Reince Priebus will be the Chief-of-Staff. That means that the Priebus dividi will earn a nice yield as of January 20th. If we assume that he can hold on to the job for four years, the dividi is worth a solid 430 specios now. This is because there is a pre-defined generator called "White House Chief-of-Staff".

Steve Bannon also got a plum job. He will be the chief strategist for the President. But there is no Generator for that. So the Bannon dividi will earn no yield from that. This may be unfair. If you think so, this is when you nominate the Chief Strategist as a new Generator. Until you are sure there will be on, invest in Bannon only if you think he will get even better jobs later on. Or focus on finding Komprenio commitments you can make that will do well as Bannon starts wielding his new-won influence. Sarah Palin for Secretary of the Interior?