About that blurry big picture

Until now, Komprenio includes only dividis representing individuals, all of them politicians. But our intention is not to make Komprenio just a who-gets-what-job game, fun as that may be now with the Trump Administration gearing up.

We will start introducing different kinds of dividis, representing various kinds of topics in current affairs. The first group will reflect some of the more classic long-term topics in economics. A lot less headline-friendly than some politicians, but still fairly important.

Later on, we expect to add many dividis and will have some representing minute little topics debated only by a few experts. The fun in that will be (we hope) to spot among them issues that become important and widely followed with time. Commit to them early and see your portfolio blossom.

But we start with the obvious ones, to get that out of the way. So what are factors that reflect the long term impact of the Trump presidency? And in what directions will they move? Now, and later on? Instead of all the talk of "all will crash" or "all will be great", what is a reasonable guess about the future? On this you will be able to commit.

On Monday we plan to introduce the following dividis:

  • Dollar to Euro rate
  • Oil price
  • Gold price

In a separate post we will discuss how this kind of dividi is structured and how the Analyzer calculates their value.