More on the Big Picture

We are building Komprenio to be your playful companion in your reading of serious news. "Playful" as in just for your own intellectual entertainment. You don´t risk anything when you commit, or invest, on Komprenio. You don't have to be certain that you know exactly how everything works. And you cetainly don't need to know where things are headed. You don't.

Today is a good example. We have now introduced four new dividis onto the Komprenio Exchange. They are of a different kind than the previous ones. No longer will we deal only in real-life people. Instead, these dividis are four much followed economic indicators. They are supposed to both reflect and influence how the real world is changing. How much they matter or how usefully they reflect anything can certainly be discussed.

The first four in this category are:

  • Gold price
  • Oil price
  • Dollar vs Euro
  • US debt (as percent of GDP)

In each case the dividi is introduced at a price of 100. The yield is set so that at this price the return on these dividis equals the risk free return on holding Austerity Certificates.

If you think the gold price will increase, buying the Gold price dividi at 100 is a good idea. If the real gold price increases, the yield in Komprenio will increase and you get a better return on your Gold dividi than on your Austerity Certificates. Easy.

We use the average monthly price for the first three and quarterly data for the US debt dividi. We use data from the Federal Reserve (in St. Louis of all places).

Again, no one is expected to roll out a flawless forecast for any of these indicators. Instead, being "directionally correct" is what matters. And to be first. And to commit to one's view. Also important in Komprenio, to win points, is to spell out one's analysis in a research note.