The Outlook for Boris?

This summer British politics was an intense spectacle. Since then, the spotlight has moved on. But Komprenio is not part of the the follow-the-circus crew. Our intention is to allow you to follow topics that may not be worthy of headlines today, but will be tomorrow.

Komprenio is still in early days and we have deliberately limited our scope for now. But today we add a few British politicians. The Brexit topic may have lost its power to shock, but we think it has much to give yet. But what will it "give"? Is it bad news for Britain? Good? for Labour? For Scotland? For the pound?

The first question addressed in the trading today was the outlook for Boris Johnson. The Boris dividi is priced as if he will be Secretary of Foreign Affairs for at least three years. Does that make sense to you?

Think about it. And commit to your take. It just for fun.